01.09.10 - Petty Cash Procedures

Petty Cash Procedures Policy Number and Last Update


Petty cash funds will be maintained on an imprest basis by the agency:


Custodian: Program Support Coordinator

Amount: $

The petty cash fund custodian will sign a receipt for the funds.

All petty cash funds will be kept in a locked petty cash box in a locked drawer or file cabinet. Only the petty cash custodian and the director will have keys to the petty cash box and drawer or cabinet.

Disbursements of $___ or less may be made from the petty cash fund for the following:

Program directors will determine if advance authorization is required for petty cash disbursements.

The purchaser shall present the petty cash slip, approved by the program director, to the petty cash fund custodian for payment. A receipt for all purchases must be attached to the petty cash slip. (Receipts must be vendor-generated.)

The petty cash fund custodian shall ensure that the petty cash slip is properly completed, approved, and that a proper receipt is attached before payment is made.

At all times, the petty cash box will contain receipts and cash totaling the amount of the fund.

Monthly, or when expenditures total $ , the petty cash custodian will total disbursements and

submit the recap with all receipts to the fiscal coordinator.

Petty cash fund reimbursement checks will be made out to (Employee's Name)-Petty Cash Custodian

The Fiscal Coordinator will conduct surprise counts of all petty cash funds.

Any irregularities in the petty cash fund will be immediately reported in writing to the delegate director and the delegate board of directors.

Loans will not be made from the petty cash funds.