01.07.06 - Grantee-Delegate Communication

Grantee-Delegate Communication Policy Number and Last Update


Systematic, free, honest, and frequent communication among grantee and delegate personnel is essential to smooth performance of the Head Start program, especially with offices located at such great distances from each other.


  • Federal regulations, policies, instructions, and information memoranda are sent directly by ACF to each delegate agency, and to the grantee. Related policy or procedural changes will be made by the grantee, if necessary. Implementation will be the responsibility of each director.
  • Changes, additions, or information related to a particular service area will be disseminated to delegate directors and coordinators by the grantee managers, by memos, e-mails, phone calls, the newsletter, or during site visits.
  • Once information has been disseminated by any of the above means, individual delegate staff members are responsible for seeking further technical assistance needed and for prompt execution without reminders or repetitions.
  • Grantee staff will regularly mail relevant information to delegate Boards, Policy Committees, and delegate directors: resource materials, monitoring or self-assessment results, regulatory updates, etc.
  • Grantee staff will respond promptly to all delegate staff, board, and parent inquiries, and requests for information or technical assistance. If needed, grantee staff will refer delegate personnel to applicable procedures, such as grievance procedures. Administrators of any program under contract to DHS Migrant and Seasonal Head Start shall not impede, prohibit, or discourage grantee-subsidized staff or parents from using federally-funded resources to call, write, or email grantee staff, directly, and the confidentiality of these communications shall be maintained unless otherwise authorized by the participants.