01.07.05 - Communication

Communication Policy Number and Last Update


Governing Bodies and Policy Groups

  • Provide new Board and Policy Committee members with an orientation packet, and training necessary to understand and participate in collective decision-making.
  • Monthly, report to Board and Policy Committee any new or revised regulations, guidelines, policies, or requirements of funding sources.
  • Monthly, furnish and explain a programmatic and financial report to Board and Policy Committee. The financial report should include budget and expenditures delineated by line Item and fund. (Copies of the Monthly Management and Monthly Expenditure reports may be used.)
  • At the first meeting of the season, supply Board and Policy Committee with copies of the Planning Procedures. Explain the delegate and grantee timetable for planning.


  • Schedule monthly full-staff meetings during the entire season. Make staff aware of the IMSHSP planning process. Advise staff of any new regulatory guidance from funding sources. Provide a structured forum for constructive feedback, and input regarding program improvement.
  • Hold bi-weekly team meetings for coordinating and administrative staff, to disseminate information systematically, check progress in service areas, complete the monthly management report, solicit input, and make immediate decisions.
  • Use a staff-mailbox system to distribute memos about programmatic or personnel issues. The content and form of memos must be strictly professional, and a copy of each kept in a file. At times it may be necessary to attach a tear-off section at the bottom of memos for staff to initial, confirming their receipt and understanding.
  • Maintain a calendar of events for each month, continuously updated and posted for staff and parents.


  • Communicate with parents in the language for which they stated their preference, in speaking and writing, on the enrollment forms.
  • Distribute newsletters for parents, monthly or more often.
  • Send home notes from teachers, at least twice per season.
  • Make home visits as required by service-area plans, and as needed to discuss any matters with parents.
  • Distribute announcements, flyers, and field trip permission forms for all activities.
  • Distribute weekly menus and monthly expenditure reports to parents.
  • Seek parents' input into the curriculum and program operations during Parent Committee and Education Committee meetings, by surveys of all families.
  • Make phone calls to parents to make or confirm appointments, etc., keeping in mind that phone calls do not replace necessary home visits.
  • Receive graciously parents who visit the center to observe, regardless of their reason for coming.
  • Never demonstrate anger, discourtesy, or sarcasm in response to any parent's statement.