01.07.03e - Community Assessment Procedures

Community Assessment Procedures (01.07.03e/01-2011)

Delegate Procedures

  1. The Board and the Policy Committee discuss with the delegate director the CA process and how it will be conducted.
  2. Delegate CA committees collect the following information using the Parent Questionnaire, the Provider Survey, the Questionnaire for Growers, and other methods:
    • Demographic make-up of eligible children and families;
    • Other programs that are serving eligible children;
    • Estimated number of children with disabilities and services provided to them by community agencies; and
    • Data regarding the education, health, nutrition, and social service needs of eligible children and families;
  3. The delegate director distributes a report which answers the aforementioned questions to Policy Committee, Board, and the Grantee office.
  4. At the annual delegate planning meeting, parents, board members, and staff analyze data from the CA. They use the new information to make decisions about the budget and the program for the coming year. The budget proposal and annual program objectives are developed at this time.
  5. Delegate representatives bring up matters of state-wide policy or budget at the grantee planning meeting held each year in Springfield.
  6. In the Spring, delegate directors continue to check the accuracy of predictions made in the fall, and advise the grantee office of any changes in circumstances caused by weather, employment, etc.

Grantee Procedures

  1. Grantee staff investigates un-served areas of the state, by surveying growers, other service-providers, and crew leaders, to determine if there are eligible families.
  2. All information is compiled by the grantee into a comprehensive report, and disseminated to Policy Council, DHS board, and delegate personnel.