01.05.04 - Delegate Pre-Service and In-Service Training

Delegate Pre-Service and In-Service Training Policy Number and Last Update (01.05.04/01-2011)


Because staff may be hired with minimal education and experience, the grantee and delegate programs ensure the provision of training that will advance the skills and knowledge people need to do their jobs.


The grantee presents training for delegate directors (and sometimes coordinators) in April. Attendance is a prerequisite of the job.

The grantee presents staff training for all delegate staff in May. All delegate staff (except perhaps for those trained in April). Some of staff's training requirements will be met during this week.

Each delegate has funds for five days of pre-service training, and for in-service training. The delegate director arranges for training before opening, or during the season to cover the remaining topics. Coordinators do not present training. They receive training. The presenters are professionals from the community that can increase coordinators' and teachers' knowledge of their own areas. The lists of topics required for coordinators are for them exclusively; in other words, FSC's without formal education in social work should have training on case management. This applies only to FSC's, and teachers have no need for this training. Most coordinators, although they are doing an excellent job, are not qualified instructors in sociology, psychology, public health, nutrition, child development, etc. They need this training themselves, in beginning, intermediate, or advanced levels. Other staff-members do not need training in topics that affect an individual coordinator's job, except for the list of common subjects. Cross-training (training in areas of the program outside one's own) is offered so that everyone has a good idea of how the Performance Standard dovetail to help families, but this is basic and general, and does not have the depth of materials for persons actually executing a component.

These areas of study are progressive throughout an employee's tenure, and are reflected in their individual staff-development plans, whether or not they pursue course-work.