01.03.01e - Hiring and Approval of Staff

Hiring and Approval of Staff Policy Number and Last Update


IMSHSP is committed to a program of equal opportunity and merit employment practices. No applicant, client, and/or employee shall be excluded from participation in, or be denied the benefits of, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination on the basis of race, creed, national origin, political affiliation, gender, disability, sexual preference, religion, marital status, or age, under any program or activity which the Department funds. This applies to every aspect of employment, advancement, evaluation, demotion, lay-off, termination, rate of pay, and selection for training.

Head Start parent policy groups shall be meaningfully engaged in the entire hiring process, and shall exercise freely their right of approval within the Performance Standards and the law.

It is the program's desire and practice to advance employees whenever possible, and when practical, to make promotions from within the organization. Head Start parents are given opportunity and preference in employment and training with the program.


  1. The Delegate Director forms a personnel committee that includes members from the Board and the Policy Committee. (If there are no Policy Committee parents in the area, seasonal parents or community representatives may stand in.)
  2. The Personnel Committee screens applications for qualifications, and numerically rates qualifications according to criteria based on the job description.
  3. The Personnel Committee interviews applicants. Committee members must use weighted questions with numerically rated criteria for evaluating answers.
  4. The Committee selects candidates with the highest combined scores.
  5. The Delegate Director checks references for each candidate selected. If references are cleared, the Delegate Director informs Committee members.
  6. Committee members report to their groups, outlining the hiring process that was followed, the selections made, and the rationale.
  7. The Policy Committee vote to approve or disapprove each candidate.