01.02.11e - Delegate Agencies §1303.32-33

Delegate Agencies Policy Number and Last Update
(01.02.11e/04-2019) §1303.32-33



  1. Staff of IMSHS evaluates each delegate by monitoring throughout the season.
  2. Grantee staff reports the results of monitoring to the delegate board of directors and the Policy Committee, delineating and describing any deficiencies, as defined by the Head Start Act.
  3. Delegates conduct an annual self-assessment and use the grantee's monitoring reports as part of this self-assessment.
  4. The delegate board shall submit a corrective action plan for all deficiencies to the grantee office before the specified date. Grantee staff is available to assist with developing this plan.
  5. IDHS staff shall approve or disapprove the delegate plan within 10 calendar days of its receipt.
  6. Grantee staff monitors steps taken to correct the deficiency, and may visit the center to confirm completion of the corrective action. The grantee may, during this time, decide to release funds to the delegate only as reimbursement or to take other enforcement action.
  7. The delegate agency shall continue provision of services to families.
  8. If the delegate fails to substantially correct the deficiency within the stipulated period of time, IDHS shall begin steps to terminate the contract.


  1. IDHS shall notify a delegate agency by certified mail of its decision to terminate its agreement with the agency, explaining the reasons for its decision.
  2. The contract shall be terminated thirty days after the delegate agency's receipt of the notification.
  3. The delegate agency is responsible for the return to IDHS of all equipment, supplies, and materials purchased with federal or state Head Start funds before the termination date.
  4. The delegate agency is responsible for the return to IDHS of all family, child, fiscal, and general files pertinent to the Head Start program.


  1. A delegate agency has the right to appeal a decision of termination of contract to the IDHS Chief of the Child Care Bureau of the Division of Child Care and Family Services, within 10 workdays of receipt of the notice.
  2. The appeal must be in writing, and must set forth the grounds for the appeal and be accompanied by all documentation that the delegate agency believes is relevant and supportive of its position.
  3. A copy of the appeal and all materials must simultaneously be submitted to the IDHS Head Start director.
  4. Head Start grantee staff may submit to the Bureau Chief a written response to the appeal of a delegate agency, along with any additional information which it believes is relevant and supportive of its position.
  5. The Bureau Chief will review the written appeal and issue a decision within 20 calendar days. If the Bureau Chief sustains the earlier decision to terminate the contract, the delegate then may appeal to the responsible HHS official.