01.02.08e - Joint Decisions of Delegate Policy Committee and Board

Joint Decisions of Delegate Policy Committee and Board Policy Number and Last Update (01.02.08e/02-2008)

Within thirty days of opening, Policy Committee:

  1. Discusses, develops, and approves activities to support the active involvement of parents in supporting program operations, including policies to ensure that the Head Start agency is responsive to community and parent needs;
  2. Discusses the ERSEA procedures of the grantee, and makes adjustments for the local situation;
  3. Reviews and approves or disapproves the complete budget for the funding year, including major expenditures and parent services;
  4. Amends if necessary and approves the Policy Committee by-laws;
  5. Approves program personnel policies and decisions regarding the employment of program staff, including standards of conduct for program staff, contractors, and volunteers, and criteria for the employment and dismissal of program staff;
  6. Develops procedures for how members of the Policy Committee will be elected.

All documents must be distributed to members in their preferred languages. Guidance or models for some of the procedures (ERSEA, hiring, standards of conduct, and selection of Policy Committee) are available from the grantee office. These may be presented to the Committee, who can adapt them to their own program, approve them as is, or develop their own. Minutes of the meeting show the actions by which all policies and procedures were adopted.

Within thirty days of the Policy Committee approval, the policies and procedures are presented to the Board of Directors of the agency, for their approval.

Should the two groups fail to reach an agreement, they will follow the agency's impasse policies to resolve the dispute.