01.02.07e - Sharing of Information with Delegate Board and Policy Committee

Sharing of Information with Delegate Board and Policy Committee Policy Number and Last Update (01.02.07e/04-2019)


Boards of directors and Policy Committees must have the information and preparation that allows them to exercise their rights and duties in oversight of the Head Start program.


  1. The delegate director provides, or arranges for the provision of annual training and technical assistance to the Board and Policy Committee, which explains the members' rights, roles and responsibilities in a Head Start program, and familiarizes them with the format, meaning, and purpose of the documents they will use to oversee the program.
  2. One week before every meeting of the Board or Policy Committee, the delegate director translates, or has translated, and distributes the following documents to the members:
    • IMSHS monthly expenditure reports,
    • Board & Policy Committee monthly financial report, including prior requests for line-item changes, and explanation of budget variance,
    • COPA monthly enrollment and attendance report,
    • USDA CACFP monthly reimbursement report,
    • Board & Policy Committee monthly program report,
    • Annual independent audit report (submitted directly to Board),
    • IDHS audit report,
    • School Readiness Reports
    • Grantee monitoring summary (sent by DHS),
    • Annual self-assessment plan and findings,
    • Annual community assessment and up-dates,
    • Communication & guidance from Secretary of U.S. Dept. Health & Human Services.
  3. Having had the opportunity to review the documents before the meeting, members evaluate and approve data relative to compliance with federal and state statutes and regulations, and contract stipulations, and approve as they see fit. They take action to correct non-compliance items.