01.02.05 - Election of Community Representatives

Election of Community Representatives Policy Number and Last Update


Grantee and delegate agencies are expected to involve parents in every step of the process for selecting community representatives. Parents may be involved, for example, in discussions of the issues of interest and types of community representatives desired in the coming year, as well as in developing methods for soliciting and screening potential candidates.

Both the Policy Committee and Policy Council must be comprised with two types of representatives: parents of currently enrolled children and community representatives; at least 51% of the members of each policy group must be parents of currently enrolled children.


  1. Parents and Head Start staff at the grantee and delegate level may recommend persons from the community at large that are interested in becoming members of their policy group.
  2. Assure potential members are willing to contribute time and effort to the program.To the first meeting, staff and parents must bring names of community person (at least 2) that are interested in participating in the policy group. At this time, they can ask questions and discuss any concerns.
  3. At the second meeting parents will vote to elect any community representatives they wish, as voting members of the Committee.
  4. All parent members and community representatives must be selected annually, and can serve no more than three (3) terms.