01.02.02e - Delegate Policy Committee §HSPPS 1301.3

Delegate Policy Committee Policy Number and Last Update
(01.02.02e/4-2017) §HSPPS 1301.3


  • Each delegate Parent Committee elects parents ,10% of current enrollment, as representatives to Policy Committee.
  • Parent members of Policy Committee elect community representatives to make up to 49% of the Committee membership.
  • Parent members of Policy Committee are elected yearly, and may serve only five terms.
  • The Committee will sit until its successor Committee is elected each year within one month of opening.
  • No program staff or member of their immediate family may serve on Policy Committee.

Conflict of Interest

Members or their immediate families are not compensated for serving on the Committee or providing services to the program.


  • Elect two representatives to Policy Council, and two alternates.
  • Approve and submit to the delegate Board of Directors:
    • Policies to ensure that the Head Start agency is responsible to community and parent needs;
    • Criteria for program recruitment, selection, and enrollment priorities;
    • Applications for funding and amendments to applications for funding;
    • Budget planning for program expenditures, including reimbursement for Policy
    • Committee participation;
    • Policy Committee by-laws;
    • Personnel policies and decisions regarding the employment of staff, including standards of conduct for staff, contractors, and volunteers; and
    • Criteria for the employment and dismissal of staff.
  • Accept for information, use, and approval:
    • Monthly financial statements, including expenditures;
    • Monthly program information summaries;
    • Monthly enrollment reports;
    • Monthly reports of meals and snacks provided by CACFP;
    • Monthly School Readiness Reports
    • Annual report of the independent audit;
    • Findings and results of the annual self-assessment and monthly monitoring;
    • Annual community assessment and updates;
    • Communication from the Secretary of U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services; and
    • Monthly program information reports.


The delegate director provides training that ensures that the members understand the information they receive and can effectively oversee and participate in the program:

  • Head Start Program statutes and requirements,
  • Rights and responsibilities of Policy Committee and the Board of Directors,
  • Budget development and oversight,
  • IMSHS planning process, and
  • Parliamentary procedures.