1 Risk Assessment

Pre-conception / Inter-conception Care
Training Curriculum 2

1 Risk Assessment

The primary objective of risk assessment is to identify problems that need to be addressed... The average women of child bearing age is healthy and should have no major problems during pregnancy or during postpartum. However some medical, behavioral or psychosocial problems may be overlooked, and others may develop during the prenatal period. It is therefore important the providers of well-women's care should pay particular attention to six problems that are commonly missed during prenatal or postpartum care. They are:

  • Family violence - is common among pregnant and postpartum women in the US. Pregnancy is the leading cause of homicide among women of child bearing age in the US
  • Infectious diseases
  • Immunization
  • Nutrition assessment
  • Psycho-social assessment -depression and stress
  • Medical history - preexisting disease states, Heart, Diabetes
  • Physical exam
  • Laboratory tests
  • Family history - genetic issues
  • Teratogens and environmental toxicans
  • Substance abuse, alcohol and tobacco use
  • Financial assessment
  • Obesity - underweight