10 Recommendation

Pre-conception / Inter-conception Care
Training Curriculum 2

10 Recommendation

 Monitoring Improvements


Monitor selected preconception health indicators (i.e., folic acid supplementation, smoking cessation, alcohol misuse, diabetes, and obesity).

 Action Steps

  • Use pregnancy Risk Assessment and Monitoring System to monitor individual experiences related to preconception care.
  • Target pre-conception health programs and interventions to areas where high rates of poor health outcomes exists for women of reproductive age and their infants.
  • Use perinatal records of risk to measure and monitor the proportion of risk attributable to the health of women before pregnancy,
  • Include preconception, inter-conception, and health status measures in population-based performance monitoring systems (e.g. Title V programs).
  • Include a measure of preconception care services delivery in the Healthy People 2010 0bjectives.
  • Develop and implement indicator quality improvement measures for all aspects of preconception care, example, use the Health Employer Data and Information Set Measures to monitor the percentages of women who complete preconception care and postpartum visits or pay for performance measures.