8 Public Health Programs and Strategies

Pre-conception / Inter-conception Care
Training Curriculum 2

8 Public Health Programs and Strategies


Integrate components of preconception health care into existing local public health "well women's health care" and related programs, including emphasis on interconception interventions for women with previous adverse outcomes.

Action Steps

  • Use Federal and local community support to encourage more integrated preconception health practices in clinics and programs.
  • Provide support for CDC programs to develop, evaluate, and disseminate integrated approaches to promote preconception health.
  • Evaluate the preconception care activities used by other programs, and support replication projects.
  • Use local task forces, coalitions or communities to discuss opportunities for promotion and prevention in preconception health at the community level.
  • support public health practice collaborative groups to promote shared learning and dissemination of approaches for increasing preconception health
  • Include content related to preconception care in educational curricula of schools of public health and other training facilities for public health professionals.