5 Inter-conception Care Defined

Pre-conception / Inter-conception Care
Training Curriculum 2

5 Inter-conception Care Defined

Inter-conceptional care, is provided to women of reproductive age between pregnancies. Essentially, it may be describes as pre-conception care delivered after pregnancy. This care addresses specific risk factors that may have contributed to previous poor pregnancy outcome. Additionally, it ensures that conditions and behaviors which may pose maternal and infant risks are identified and managed.

Goal of Inter-conception Care

The goal of Inter-conception care is the same as Pre-conception care

Objective # 1

To provide additional intensive interventions to women who have had a previous pregnancy that ended in an adverse outcome (i.e. infant death, fetal loss, birth defects, low birth-weight, or pre-term births).

Action Steps

  • Monitor the percentage of women who complete postpartum visits.
  • Develop, evaluate and replicate intensive evidenced-based inter-conception care and coordinate models for women at high social and medical risk.
  • Enhance the content of postpartum visits to promote inter-conception health.
  • Use existing public health programs serving women in the postpartum period, to link them to other sources of interventions (e.g. Family Planning, home visiting, WIC).

Objective # 2

Increase awareness of the importance of pregnancy spacing

Action Steps

Provide health and education instructions that advise a waiting period of at least one year after the last pregnancy, or three months following a miscarriage.