2 Consumer awareness

Pre-conception / Inter-conception Care
Training Curriculum 2

2 Consumer awareness


Increase public awareness of the importance of preconception health behaviors and preconception care services by using printed and electronic media this is sensitive to literacy, including health literacy, and cultural values.

 Action Steps

  • Develop and age-appropriate educational curricula and modules for use in schools' health education programs.
  • Integrate reproductive health messages into existing health promotion campaigns (e.g. campaign to reduce obesity and smoking)
  • Conduct consumer-focused research necessary to identify terms the public understands and develop messages for promoting preconception health and reproductive awareness.
  • Develop messages for promoting preconception health knowledge and attitudes and behaviors among men and women of childbearing age.
  • Engage media partners to assist in depicting positive role models for lifestyles that promote reproductive health (e.g. Delaying initiation of sexual activity, abstaining from unprotected sex, and avoiding alcohol and drug use).