2010 August 16 - DMC Sub-Committee Meeting

Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission

August 16, 2010
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
DHS Office, 160 North LaSalle Street
Chicago, IL

Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 12:10 PM.

Roll Call

Commissioners: Co-Chair Debra Ferguson, Co-Chair Pamela Rodriguez, Edith Crigler, Randell Strickland and Esther Franco-Payne.

Subcommittee Members: Dr. Kenya Key, Cook County Juvenile Detention Center; Sarah Sullivan, Illinois Department of Corrections; Dr. Dexter Voisin, University of Chicago.

Staff: Miguel Millett, Julie Stremlau, Karrie Rueter.

Guests: Dr. Miquel Lewis, Cook County Probation Department and DMC Coordinator for Englewood.

DMC Conference Follow-Up

Commissioner Rodriguez commended Shawna Epps for such a job well done.  Due to her preparation, the strategic planning sessions were extremely helpful.  The Committee truly appreciates those who attended and participated, particularly the youth participants.  The support and collaboration of the DMC system partners is appreciated by the DMC Subcommittee and the entire Commission.  The Subcommittee looks forward to continuing what was started.  Commissioner Crigler also endorsed of the success of the conference.  Each of the sites shared their information freely and their hard work was evident to all.  Commissioner Crigler added that Commission Chair Judge George Timberlake presenting the achievement award to Reverend Charles Collins, former Commissioner and DMC Coordinator, was a true high point of the conference.  If anyone has photos, please share them with other members.

Commissioner Ferguson noted that the committee put a very difficult conference together in a very short time period and recognized Miguel Millett for his outstanding contributions.  Commissioner Strickland asked about conference evaluation forms.  Miguel Millett explained that this conference was not designed for evaluation but more informational.  Sarah Sullivan asked if there were handouts or power points available for future use.  Commissioner Ferguson will share them with the committee.

DMC Charter Statement

Using the work from the Conference Strategic Planning Session, the Committee began drafting its charter.  The mission, vision and values statements from that session will be incorporated into the charter language.

The Committee then reviewed the necessity for a quorum and for compliance with the Open Meetings Act.  With respect to voting, while only Commissioners may vote on motions, all Committee members may participate in discussions and offer opinions.  DMC members are appointed by the Chair of the Commission.  The committee would like to add youth to membership options.  Parents will be asked to participate as well.  Commissioner Ferguson explained that one member of DMC should also be a member of the Planning and Grants Committee.  The DMC committee will defer to IJJC Chairman Timberlake for guidance.  Commissioner Ferguson will distribute a draft of the DMC Charter to members for comment and feedback before the next IJJC meeting.

Strategic Planning and Priorities

The committee believes that the Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission (IJJC) should be the voice of juvenile justice reform efforts in Illinois.  The IJJC has both the obligation and the opportunity to call attention to and address the DMC issue.  This is also the perfect time to be innovative, creative and consider what has not been done before.  People are motivated to do things differently.

Dr. Dexter Viosin stated that he believes this is also a structural issue.  Realistically there are issues we cannot address.  But we need to look at the issues of poverty, families, domestic violence, sentencing, etc. as a whole.  Dr. Kenya Key added that policy is based on data and the data has to be available.  Commissioner Rodriguez stated that the current economy is eroding much of the assistance that existed.  Additionally, we have to be cognizant of the potential unintended consequences of any policy reform efforts.

The Committee renewed its focus on impact and outcomes.  Commissioner Ferguson wants to ensure those in a position to make a have the information necessary to evaluate policies objectivelt and realistically.  We have to hold the system accountable for disparate treatment rather than only holding communities responsible.  Sarah Sullivan added that in Philadelphia they went the direction of educating the police through the youth.  It was an open dialogue and led to juvenile and race training of police.  Commissioner Strickland does not believe that training alone will achieve what we want.  We need data from the police.  Sara Sullivan also added that the Department of Juvenile Justice's (DJJ) information is in different systems and are not compatible.  She further stated that DJJ does not withhold data but the process is so difficult and mandates can be ineffective or even further slow the process.

Commissioner Ferguson believes we need to improve and standardize our data gathering procedures.  We need public awareness and outreach to be data-driven.  Commissioner Rodriguez stated that most plans are a combination of strategies.  We have a DMC committee that pushes policy change and we allocate and replicate these policies which build momentum that supports and sustains that change.  Commissioner Rodriguez added that we need policy change, public education, advocacy, research evaluation and service delivery informed by local and national data.  We need to look at all sites and the communities and determine the funding process, a multi system approach.  Commissioner Rodriguez motioned to approve this structure and focus for DMC.  Commissioner Franco-Payne seconded the motion.  All in favor, motion passed.

SFY 2011 DMC Budget Requests

Commissioner Ferguson distributed a summary of DMC funding allocations since 2002.  Currently there are new sites with DMC funding and older sites where funding has ended.  Lawndale, South Suburbs, Peoria and St. Clair funding has ended.  Englewood, Sauk Village and Macon currently have $50,000.00 each.  The committee will determine the focus for moving forward and DMC budget recommendations will be based upon those determinations.  A finalized budget request will be presented to Planning and Grants, and then the IJJC in September for official action.

Site Program Plans

Miguel Millett explained the site program plans.  It was noted that conditions constantly change and tracking of this information assists the IJJC in following those changes.  The committee reviewed the separate aspects of the plan.  It was decided that Forecasting is still needed and tracking Policy or Systems Improvements was added.  Miguel further explained that DMC has been successful on the local level but not statewide in reporting of the OJJDP nine decision points.  ICJIA will be approached for further statewide data collection efforts.  Commissioner Rodriguez inquired as to whether we could go beyond the sites and look to Redeploy and other program sites that are also requesting data.

This will be considered.  The DMC 3-Year Plan is due 2012 and a DMC assessment is a requirement.  The revised program plan will be edited and finalized for approval.

Upcoming Schedule of DMC Subcommittee Meetings

Next DMC meeting will be October 18th at 2:00 PM, same location.

New Business/Other

None noted.


Commissioner Franco-Payne motioned to adjourn.  Commissioner Crigler seconded the motion.  Meeting adjourned at 2:06 PM.