HRC Classroom Curriculum

Prepare the training materials:

HRC Curriculum

2015 Revised Psychotropic Drugs List Print or Save all HRC Curriculum (pdf) - (37 pages) - revised March 2016

  • In class, view HRC classroom curriculum by saving to a laptop, flash drive, iPad, etc. Access to power outlets is not guaranteed.
  • Print one copy, then photocopy number of copies you need (as 2-sided), assemble accordingly.

Additional Materials

These materials are useful information. You are not required to print and bring to class.

2015 Revised Psychotropic Drugs List Review of Psychotropic Drugs 2018 (pdf)(16 pages) - revised July 2018

If you have any questions, please email or contact the Division of Developmental Disabilities at (217) 782-9438.