2010 January 11 - DMC Sub-Committee Meeting

Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission

January 11, 2010
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Hilton Hotel
Springfield, IL

Call to Order

Meeting was called to order at 10:04 AM.  Karrie Rueter introduced Judge George Timberlake as the new Chairman of the Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission.  Everyone in attendance introduced himself or herself.

Roll Call

DMC Chairman Rev. Charles Collins stated to dispense with the roll call, as there was not a quorum.

Commissioners Present: Chairman George Timberlake, Vice Chairman Wayne Straza, Reverend Charles Collins, Pamela Rodriguez, Lisa Jacobs, Dr. Debra Ferguson, Roseanna Ander and Esther Franco-Payne.

Staff Present: James Reynolds, Julie Stremlau, Michael Holmes, Karrie Rueter and Miguel Millett.

Guests Present: Angela Greene, Rod Chaney, and Terrence Mitchell.

Approval of Minutes

Chairman Rev. Collins asked for the group to review the minutes of last DMC Committee meeting but lack of quorum prohibited approval of the minutes.

DMC Overview for New Commissioners

Miguel Millett gave the new Commissioners a basic overview of DMC.  He explained that several sites will be losing funding at the end of this year and there are new sites looking to establish DMC.  Lawndale, Peoria, South Suburbs and St. Clair are the original four pilot sites.  Englewood, Macon and Sauk Village are the newer sites.

Rev. Charles Collins added that these communities were targeted because of their issues.  The most successful communities were those with the mayor, the schools, agencies and the people really vested in the process.  It was noted that Illinois is ahead of other states in their DMC program.

DMC Committee Membership

Please indicate on the contact information sheet in your packet if you would like to serve on the DMC Committee.  Appointments by Chairman Timberlake will be announced.

Youth Representation

The group briefly discussed the role of the youth members of the Commission.  Pamela Rodriguez stated the Commissioners need training to learn the role of Commissioners and to understand their role with DMC.  Karrie Rueter announced there will be training in February for new and existing Commissioners.

Karrie explained that there is a movement to coordinate the youth Commissioners around the country.  The group should recommend their participation in the national training.  Issues noted with youth members are lack of time due to school or employment.

DMC Learning Workshop

There will be a DMC workshop June 17th and 18th at the Doubletree Hotel in Oak Brook, IL.  Pam Rodriguez stated the workshop would be a good place to challenge ourselves and step outside the norm.  There is a need to get the public interested in what DMC is doing and where it is going.  Karrie Rueter added that we could do a press release and discuss the workshop and mention other training and workshops across the state.

Lisa Jacobs stated it is important to be able to tell your story.  Due to budget issues we know our projects will be limited but we need to share what we have accomplished and workshops are great places for that.

The budget allotted for the Workshop is approximately $65,000.

IJJC / Models for Change Collaboration

There was a discussion on current practices and what models appear to be helpful. Rev. Charles Collins explained that there were a lot of gaps in services and over the years they looked to connect services to those sites.

DMC will be able to share their information and to further expand on the knowledge of the current sites at the DMC workshop.  There was discussion of DMC at a local, state and federal level.

There was discussion about proper compensation with Medicare/Medicaid.  Currently Dr. Gene Griffin, Dr. Antoinette Kavanaugh and Dr. Debra Ferguson are finalizing a Mental Health Training Curriculum aimed at juvenile justice personnel.  The training focuses on issues of mental health/substance use disorders as well as the impact of trauma on justice-involved youths.  Everyone involved in the juvenile justice system would benefit from this training.

Burns Level One Data Template

The Burns Model was previously discussed at the September meeting.  Lisa Jacobs stated the data template goes deep but not broad enough. We need it to cross more decision points.  Pam Rodriguez wants to ensure that Burns is seeing the big picture and that change is needed.  Lisa Jacobs responded that they have seen our capacity and are now on board.

Vice Chair Straza believes a baseline has to be established.  He suggested a partnership with the Chicago Police Department and the State Police.  Create one data system.  Actively engage law enforcement in this quest.  He also suggested an across-the-board arrest report for youth.  Proper reporting is a major issue and it is not local but all levels.

Reverend Charles Collins explained that Dr. Butts report had survey and data issues.  This report was discussed at the September Commission Meeting and overall consensus was not favorable.  It was recommended that we move forward with our own survey.  This will be discussed with the full Commission.  Karrie Rueter suggested that ICJIA be responsible for completing the assessments.

African-American Male Task Force

Miguel Millett reviewed the African American Male Task Force report.  There are copies available upon request.  Their task was to gain perspective on what is going on all over Illinois.  The report was very well received.  This report could be used as a national model.  Miguel Millett asked Terrence Mitchell to expand on the project for the committee.  Terrence Mitchell shared that they have had round table discussions with other states and Obama's people.  There is a 10 million dollar grant they might be eligible for.  There is an opportunity to make relationships and to form a national collaborative effort.  Reverend Collins stated the Director of DHS is considering partnerships to work on the findings within the report.  The Commission will work to address these issues as recommended.

Site Updates

Macon is having issues engaging the community and Chairman Timberlake will follow up.  Lawndale made the national news with a basketball camp focusing on violence prevention and was featured on the ABC news.  Englewood is working to have cases diverted but was not able to.  Vice Chairman Straza believes this site has problems and a new coordinator may be warranted.  Vice Chairman Straza believes the Committee has failed to address the problems of this site and that action should be taken as necessary.

South Suburbs and Angela Greene were commended for their reports and continued efforts as a DMC site.  Peoria focused on Aggravated Battery and uses a peacekeeping circles program.  It has been successful.

New Business / Other

None noted.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:31 PM.