2009 September 9 - DMC Sub-Committee Meeting

Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission

September 9, 2009
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Orrington Hotel
Evanston, IL

Call to Order - Rev. Charles Collins, Chair

Meeting called to order at 9:16 AM.

Roll Call

Commissioners: Rev. Charles Collins, Pam Rodriguez, Wayne Straza, Rodney Ahitow, Gene Griffin and Patricia Connell. Quorum declared present.

Staff: Ron Smith, Deb McCarrel, Julie Stremlau, Mary O'Brien, Jim Reynolds, Karrie Rueter, Miguel Millett and Barb Shipp.

Guests: Susan Cowen, Executive Director, Youth Network Council and Lisa Jacobs, Models for Change Coordinator.

Approval of Minutes

Minutes were approved.  All in favor.

DMC Learning Workshop

A DMC learning workshop was held in 2006 and they will expand on the knowledge gained in this next workshop.  They also plan to work with Youth Network Council for scheduling and venue.

Pat Connell asked if DMC was going to partner with any MacArthur sites as they could help with input.  Karrie Rueter added there is a lot of groundwork yet to be done.  It was suggested this work be completed by the end of the month.  The December Commission meeting is too far in advance for final review of the proposal.  The proposal will be presented in the Commission Meeting and they will request the Executive Committee retain the ability to review and approve or deny the proposal as presented.  Rod Ahitow commented that a Chicago venue might not be the best location.  He added there are other more economical areas such as Matteson or Oak Brook where the hotels are less expensive and the locations are more accessible to those coming from areas outside of the Chicago area.  Pam Rodriquez moved to approve the proposal with final review and approval at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Rod Ahitow seconded the motion.  All in favor, none opposed.  Rev. Collins abstained.

Rev. Charles Collins also gave a brief review of the DMC budget.  Miguel Millett continues to work on the conference budget and Karrie Rueter will work with Miguel.  Currently, there are two advocacy projects in four areas.  Vice Chair Straza asked if Kane is listed and if so, would Kane encompass Aurora.  Rev. Charles Collins responded that Aurora touches many counties and DMC is flexible and able to serve these areas.  Vice Chair Straza also asked if Lawndale will be more compliant than they have in the past.  Rev. Charles Collins stated that Lawndale has been compliant and continues to submit their assignments.  Pam Rodriguez recommended that the Commission remind the DMC sites about advocacy.

Burns Level One Data Template and Models for Change Collaboration Meeting

Miguel Millett explained the Burns Level One Data Template and its relationship to DMC.  There are nine federally mandated program decision points required and all nine points are not covered.  This is one of the problems with the document.  Mr. Millett informed the Commission that the recent training was helpful yet they have not seen the template work electronically.  Mr. Millett recently met with coordinators and concerns were expressed.  One of the issues noted was that the information will be helpful but will not incorporate everything needed.  Gene Griffin commented that there are other tools used to collect data and that data is data as long as we have some.  A uniform template is not a uniform collection system for this data.  Karrie Rueter added that the template contains the same information as requested by DHS for the federally mandated data.

Lisa Jacobs, Models for Change Coordinator, addressed the group.  Models for Change is having a collaboration meeting August 24th, 2010.  In the development of the report there was great collaboration and technical support so that each entity could share at no cost.  MacArthur could participate at no cost.  She stated they are working on data creating and networking for Models for Change and Juvenile Justice, which will strengthen the models that evolve from the meeting.

Ms. Jacobs explained that after four years the foundation is winding down.  She stated they are solidifying lasting relationships and infrastructure for these youth.  Juvenile Justice is the best place for this model to be used due to the importance of the Commission and the Juvenile Justice issues.  There are three target areas: Legislative and state policies, such as expungement; Community based alternatives; and DMC reduction. Finally, the DMC focus shifted and got more realistic.  What could DMC look like under Models for Change?  Models for Change has not formally funded DMC sites.  They know that increasing community based programs will impact communities and assist them in building their infrastructure.  They reviewed five community based alternative sites by looking at the template data.  This is seen in the system management tool.  It displays the data and allows us to use and share this information.  Giving the leverage needed to back the project. It means having a network where people gather the same information and address the race and ethnic issues. They receive the data and the help they need for these areas.  This template is a tool that can explain how the system operates and does so in a credible manner.  It will be especially helpful with judges whom do not understand the process.  It is possible this tool could be used to build something for Illinois.  If supported this could be customized and not just used for reporting purposes but for analysis and decision making as well.  The collaboration should benefit everyone. Then as a state speak convincingly on Juvenile Justice and DMC.  It is not unreasonable and this should be achievable.

Miguel Millett will learn more about the language of the template and will bring this back to the Commission.  Miguel Millett will work with Randell Strickland to develop a formal written document detailing the collaborative relationship between IJJC and Mac Arthur.

Pat Connell commented that this is valuable and asked if Burns would follow through with the plan.  The Commission determined that Gene Griffin would review the proposal again and discuss with Dr. Burns prior to returning to the Commission for approval.  The Commission's concerns are: Can our sites use this instrument; does it cover all nine decision-points; and will we get the data we seek.  Pat Connell stated the Commission would need to be aggressive if this model is used.  Pam Rodriguez recommended we expand on the knowledge and data we currently use.

Karrie Rueter commented the need to broaden the scope is necessary.  Redeploy sites could be added.  Many of the existing sites are using the Burns model so this is not new to them.  OJJDP would approve of this.  It was recommended to continue to finalize the document.  It will be amended and the Commission retains final authority to approve or deny.  The December Commission meeting will be too late for final approval.  Gene Griffin motioned to allow the Executive Committee to review the revised plan.  Pam Rodriguez seconded the motion.  All in favor, none opposed.  Rev. Charles Collins abstained.

Models for Change Collaboration Meeting

Discussed in previous section.  The meeting is scheduled for August 24, 2010.

Winnebago County

There is training in Winnebago on October 2nd for DMC.  Winnebago is considering joining the DMC effort.  Rev. Charles Collins suggested the Commission reimburse our sites to attend this training to present.  Rev. Charles Collins would like the sites participating to stay over night and he would personally screen and approve the number of travelers.  It was noted the Commission is not hosting the training and therefore should not pay for them to attend.  It was recommended that DMC sites pay for their travel from their DMC budgets.

Pam Rodriguez motioned for DMC to organize the training but for sites to adjust their budgets and pay their expenses.  Gene Griffin seconded the motion.  All in favor, none opposed.  Rev. Charles Collins Abstained.

Report on the Condition of African-American Males

Miguel Millett passed out copies of statewide task force's report entitled, A Closer Look: An Examination of African American Men in Illinois.  Senate Bill 0776 mandated this report.  Karrie Rueter inquired as to whether the Commission could impact any of the recommendations.  It was noted that this document needs further review from the Commission and could be especially helpful to DCFS wards and DHS.  Vice Chair Straza commented on the lack of professional regulation, especially in Cook County.  He stated that they have received old expunged juvenile records.  They should not be receiving 15-year-old records.  Pam Rodriguez stated the RFP could be specialized to address the issues so they are more responsive to the issues.  Further consideration will be given to the report at a later date.

Safety Networks CPD Collaboration

Safety Networks CPD Collaboration had an event in May.  A task force developed from that event, Community Alternative Police Department.  There was a training video for Chicago Police Officers.  Kids 18 with no prior criminal record completed the training.  Other areas of the state should receive this training.  This training should be available for review by the December Commission meeting.

Site Program Plans

Miguel Millett reported that they are very happy with Macon County.  Their reports are timely and contain accurate information.  He also added they are pleased with Dr. Burns and his assistance.  They had a truancy reduction of over 30%.  They are struggling but have community involvement.  The Englewood and Lawndale Conference, sponsored by probation, was held in July and addressed gang issues.  There is discussion of Roseland becoming a new DMC site.  These DMC sites need a person full time with a real position to address the DMC issues.  There is a need to be a consistent presence and indicate when the Commission is not happy with their input.  Miguel added there are sites that need work. He believes Lawndale has had issues because of how they were set up initially.  Vice Chair Straza added that if the sites do not submit what is necessary then they should be terminated.

Karrie Reuter added that it is difficult to get the community involved and paying them to get them involved is not always the answer.  Peoria conducted an RFP in September and it was a long process.  They hope to have received the solicited proposals and to have them functional by October 1st.  Karrie asked that Miguel check with the Regional Directors concerning review of the RFP's.  Peoria is proposing to take their money and use it for this peace project.  This would mean that Peoria is essentially sub-contracting services with other Peoria agencies.  The Commission will approve this proposal with the stipulation that Lisa Jacobs, Barb Shipp and Miguel Millett are included in the review team.  Mr. Millett will contact Peoria about this stipulation. Rodney Ahitow motioned, Gene Griffin seconded the motion.  Pam Rodriguez abstained.  All in favor, approved.

South Suburbs Youth programs are leveraged by other agencies, grants, etc.  They are doing well.  There was an Article in the Tribune about 2000 kids going before Judge Stuttley.  It was noted that Markham has 2,072 cases.  Chicago has 900.  The Commission is aware of this issue.  The States Attorney funded a program, Peer Juries.  Judge Stuttley wanted to do this training.  People were recruited and trained from the community.  The community is concerned about the kids and accept the challenges but need technical assistance.  Patricia Connell sent a brief letter to Judge Stuttley on the training needed.  DMC staff met with Roland Burris' staff and discussed the DMC effort.  Judge Stuttley was given concrete recommendations.  Follow up is needed on those recommendations.  The Judge was to come up with something all DMC sites could piggyback onto.  A Network of sites could do this; not the IL congressional delegation provide replication.  This would mean an enormous amount of effort but the 40% reduction makes it useful.

New Business / Other

No new business noted


Vice Chair Straza moved to adjourn the meeting and Patricia Connell seconded the motion.  Meeting was adjourned at 11:23 AM.