New Americans Initiative

DHS is committed to its mission of facilitating the maximum self-sufficiency, independence, and health of individuals, families, and communities through the provision of seamless and integrated services. The increasing language and cultural diversity require that agencies do more to ensure that all newcomers to the State receive adequate, appropriate, and culturally competent services.

Since 2003, DHS divisions have worked to improve the way that services are provided to limited-English proficient customers. These efforts have thrust DHS into a leading role within Illinois' New Americans Executive Order and have led to DHS becoming a nationally-recognized agency for its work.

The Illinois Department of Human Services New Americans Initiative 6-year Report documents the efforts that DHS has undertaken to become a culturally and linguistically inclusive agency. It is our hope that this report can help serve as a template or model process for other governmental entities to use in their endeavors to improve access for all Illinois residents.