1. How do I sign-up for the Illinois Debit MasterCard®?

    Read the DHS website, Sign-up Now for the Illinois Debit MasterCard®.

    1. Personal Assistants may also contact the DRS office that handles your client.
    2. Child Care Providers may also contact the office that handles your child care case (CCR&R). Call 1-800-843-6154 to inquire which office manages your area.
  2. I would like to cancel my Debit Card.

    Complete the bottom section of the Provider Payment Option Form and mail it to the address listed on the form.

  3. How do I get help for my Illinois Debit MasterCard®?

    Browse the Illinois Debit MasterCard FAQ area, if you still have questions, call Customer Service.

  4. How do I activate my Illinois Debit MasterCard®?

    See the Activate your Illinois Debit MasterCard® section of the DHS website.

  5. Where can I use my Illinois Debit MasterCard®?

    The Illinois Debit MasterCard® is accepted at thousands of merchant and bank locations worldwide. Read the Using your Illinois Debit MasterCard® for locations near you.

  6. Will you be offering the Illinois Debit MasterCard® to other provider groups?

    At this time, DHS does not have plans to extend this payment option to other provider groups. If there is enough interest from a provider group, DHS would be happy to look at the possibility of extending this option.

  7. EPPICARD Website Questions

    Call the ACS Customer Service Center at 1-866-338-2944.