Personal Assistants


  1. Where can I get a form to sign up for a Debit Card?

    Please visit the Illinois Debit MasterCard Sign-up page to download the form; or Contact the DRS Office handling your client.


  1. I called the DHS Provider Help Line and it indicated that there were no payments pending.

    Personal Assistants, contact the DRS Office handling your client. Questions about payment amounts Contact the DRS Office handling your client (For Gross Amounts Only).

  2. I have received a paycheck statement (DRS Personal Assistants) but the money has not been deposited to the Debit card.

    Payments will not be deposited until the scheduled pay date. You may check the DHS Provider Help Line at 1-800-804-3833 to see if any payments are pending.

  3. I am a PA and signed up for Direct Deposit (not the Debit Card) and continue to receive paper checks. 

    Call the DHS Home Services Payroll Processing Unit 217-524-2371.

  4. I have a debit card and am still receiving a paper check.

    Some payment were issued as checks instead of on the Debit card due to a system problem, however, there could be other issues with your payment (involuntary withhold, for example).

    Personal Assistants call PA Document Processing at 217-785-0099.

Personal Information Corrections

  1. My social security number is incorrect when I call the Debit Card System. How do I correct that?

    Contact the office that processes your payments to confirm the Tax Identification Number (SSN or FEIN) that is being used.