Indicator 13

Overview of the Annual Performance Report Development:

Monitoring Priority:

Effective General Supervision Part C / General Supervision

Indicator 13: Percent of mediations held that resulted in mediation agreements.

(20 U.S.C. 1416(a)(3)(B) and 1442)


Percent = [(2.1(a)(i) + 2.1(b)(i)) divided by 2.1] times 100.

FFY: 2008

Measurable and Rigorous Target:
93 percent of mediations held will result in mediation agreements.

Indicator 13 From Table 4: [(2.1(a)(i) + 2.1(b)(i)) divided by 2.1] times 100.
FFY08/SFY09 Result: [(0+1)/1] X 100 = 100%
FFY08/SFY09 Target = 93%

Discussion of Improvement Activities Completed and Explanation of Progress or Slippage that occurred for FFY08/SFY09:

In FFY08/SFY09, one mediation was held, resulting in a mediation agreement. In FFY07/SFY08, the parent withdrew the State's only mediation request.

Bureau staffing levels have remained stable to facilitate timely resolution. An electronic database is used to track mediations.

Revisions, with Justification, to Proposed Targets / Improvement Activities / Timelines / Resources for FFY09/SFY10:

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