Volume IV, Issue XI - January 2010

From: Theodora Binion Taylor, Director
Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse

Request for Proposal Revision: Posting Date Pending

On January 6, 2010, the Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS), Divisions of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (DASA) and Human Capital Development were informed that the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Title XX, Donated Funds Initiative (DFI) and the DASA/DCFS Family Recovery Partnership are pending approval. Consequently, this has caused DASA to cancel the January 8, 2010 posting date.

Upon approval, DASA will initiate a Smart Alert to inform providers and interested applicants of the new posting date for both of these Request for Proposals (RFP).

When approved, the Request for Proposals will be posted on the Department of Human Services website, Maximizing Accountability and Excellence (MAX) Initiative https://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=33844. They will also be posted on the Illinois Procurement Bulletin at http://www.purchase.state.il.us/ipb/IPBHomeP.nsf/HomePage?OpenFrameset.

Thank you for your patience!