QIDP Training Program Approval and Record Retention

QIDP Training Program Approval Process

Agencies can either adopt the Department's QIDP training program or use an agency-developed QIDP training program that is approved by the Department. The following information will assist agencies with the approval process for either type of training curriculum. The agency's QIDP Course Coordinator is required to attend the QIDP Course Coordinator Training session for more information. 

The agency must submit a letter of application for program approval and the requested documentation to the Division of Developmental Disabilities. Training programs will not be approved, nor reimbursed for QIDP training programs begun started before written approval, unless an agreement is requested by the agency and agreed to by the Department in advance.

The letter of application should include:

  1. Checklist B (pdf) (IL462-0131) (when using DHS training curriculum)
  2. Checklist C (pdf) (IL462-0132) (when using an Agency-developed training curriculum)
  3. Requested items below, related to the proposed training program:
    • QIDP Job and Educational Requirements Checklist A (pdf) (IL462-0130) for each QIDP.
    • QIDP Orientation Training Program Intent to Adopt Statement: This statement is located at the bottom of Checklist B.  It must be signed by the Executive Director to be accepted.
    • You must include:
      • a statement that the agency is submitting its own course for review and approval.
      • a copy of the agency-developed course materials (instructor's guide, handouts, overheads, videos, slideshows, assessment tools, etc.).
      • a completed Basic QIDP Training Course Content Review Guide Checklist C must be submitted for review.
      • a copy of the sponsor's certificate of approval issued by the State Board of Education or the Board of Higher Education, if the sponsor is a private business, vocational school, or college.
      • A statement of the program rationale, including the philosophy and purpose of the program.
    • The training program shall address each of the required basic QIDP competency areas, a master training plan which includes the following:
      • location of the first training session.
      • projected dates, times and sites of training for each module.
      • hours of instruction and instructors for each module.
      • name of course coordinator for the QIDP orientation training program.
      • completed Checklist D (pdf) (IL462-0133) and resume describing the education, experience and qualifications (including a copy of valid Illinois professional licenses) for each QIDP program instructor.
      • copies of on-the-job activities (Optional).
    • A copy of any competency-based assessment tools or tests used to evaluate the QIDP's understanding of informational competencies at the 80% level of accuracy for each training module.
    • A statement that defines the performance standard for passing the approved QIDP orientation course.
    • A copy of the agency's training attendance policy, including how attendance will be tracked and how missed sessions will be made up.

Time Frame

The entire 40-hour QIDP orientation training program must be completed within six (6) months of being hired as a QIDP or being assigned QIDP duties.  The QIDP orientation training program cannot be presented in a time frame of less than 21 calendar days (three weeks) or cannot take longer than 120 calendar days to complete from the date the QIDP training program starts.

The exception is if a community college or other educational institution conducts the training. In these instances, the completion date can be tied to the end of the term (quarter, semester or trimester).

Classroom Training

Each QIDP Training Program must include a minimum of 40 hours of classroom instruction, excluding breaks and lunches. The classroom curriculum must cover all of the informational competencies listed on the QIDP Orientation Training Core Competency Area Checklist (pdf) (IL462-0134). The Department will provide each agency with a copy of the DHS-approved QIDP curriculum for use in classroom training.

If an agency uses its own curriculum or rewrites the Department's curriculum, the curriculum must be reviewed and approved by the Department to ensure that it meets all content requirements. All changes made to the Department's curriculum or agency-written curriculum, along with a completed copy of the "Basic QIDP Training Course Content Review Guide" must be submitted to:

Department of Human Services
Division of Developmental Disabilities
Bureau of Quality Management
600 East Ash, Building 400, Mail Stop 2 North
Springfield, IL  62703
Phone main line:  (217) 558.1511
E-mail:  DHS.BQMQE@illinois.gov

Record Keeping

Agencies must maintain proof of QIDP status of all employees working as QIDPs. Proof of QIDP status can be verified by the employee's QIDP approval letter from the Division of Developmental Disabilities or a copy of its QIDP database record for the employee.

Agencies must maintain the sign-in sheets to document attendance in all modules of the QIDP Training Program. All sign-in sheets must include the following components:

  • module or class name
  • class date and time
  • instructor signature
  • trainee signature

The sign-in sheets can be stored in the employee's personnel or training file or another location used to maintain training records.

Employees successfully completing the QIDP orientation training program must have a completed QIDP Orientation Training Core Competency Area Checklist (pdf) (IL462-0134) in their personnel or training file or location readily accessible and available for review by Department staff.