Behavior Therapist

Qualifications: Professional with a Bachelor's degree who has completed at least 1,500 hours of training or supervised experience consistent with best practice and research on individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder as documented by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst or Licensed Clinical Psychologist.  Behavior therapists must have the above credentials approved by the DHS Division of Developmental Disabilities to provide behavior-based therapy under the Illinois Adult, Children's Support and Children's Residential Medicaid Waivers.

How do I Become A Provider?

  1. You must complete the Behavior Therapy (Autism Spectrum Disorder) - Behavior Intervention & Treatment - Level 2 Course Work & Experience Requirements: Checklist C Form (IL462-0955) (PDF) (pdf)
  2. Applicants must document 1,500 hours of eligible supervised experience.

    Supervised experience:  A person under the "organizational" supervision of a BCBA or Licensed Clinical Psychologist (LCP) would not necessarily have all their work experience hours considered supervised by a BCBA or LCP and countable as such by the Division of Developmental Disabilities in making a decision about their behavior therapist credential. To be considered countable hours, a qualified supervisor (BCBA or LCP) must be very directly involved in supervising the person's "behavior-related" work experience. See the examples of eligible and ineligible supervised experience below.

    1. Examples of eligible supervised experience include:

      • Conducting assessment activities related to the need for behavioral interventions,
      • Designing, implementing and monitoring behavior analysis programs for clients,
      • Overseeing the implementation of behavior analysis programs by others,
      • Training, designing behavioral systems and performance management,
      • Other activities normally performed by a behavior analyst directly related to behavior analysis such as:
        • attending planning meetings regarding the behavior analysis program,
        • researching the literature related to the program,
        • talking to individuals about the program; 
        • any additional activities related to oversight of behavioral programming such as behavior analyst supervision issues, or evaluation of behavior analysts' performance. 
    2. Examples of activities that are not eligible as supervised experience include:

      • attending meetings with little or no behavior analytic content,
      • providing interventions that are not based in behavior analysis,
      • doing non-behavior analytic administrative activities, 
      • other activities not directly related to behavior analysis
  3. Send completed Checklist C and the required documents as specified on Checklist C to the address provided on the form or via email to

    When your application has been reviewed and approved by the Division of Developmental Disabilities, the Division will send an approval letter.  This letter will be viewed as your credentials to provide behavior therapy services.  Behavior therapy services can not be provided until the application has been reviewed and an approval letter has been issued by DHS/DDD.

  4. Upon receipt of your approval letter, obtain a type-1 individual National Provider Identifier from the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System.  
  5. Determine how billing will be submitted to DHS/DDD and who will receive the payment directly from the State of Illinois.  If another  individual or business entity will be submitting the billing and/or receiving the payment, ensure that individual or entity is correctly registered in IMPACT.
  6. Submit an IMPACT Provider Enrollment application based on the billing and payment method descriptions below. 
    • Independent Sole Proprietor that will be reimbursed directly by the State of Illinois-  - The Behavioral Services provider is an independent provider who will receive payment directly from the State of Illinois.  This includes providers that will use a third party billing agent or medical billing company to submit billing and provide assistance with correct billing errors.
    • Rendering/Servicing Provider that will be reimbursed by another individual or business - The Behavioral Services provider is hired or contracted by another individual or business that will receive payment for the Medicaid waiver services. This includes Behavioral Services providers that are owners or business partners of a group practice, limited liability corporation (LLC), or another business entity that will coordinate the behavior services, bill on the behalf of the providers and receive payment directly from the State of Illinois.