DSP or QIDP Training Program Course Coordinator

What is a Course Coordinator?

The persons responsible for organizing, managing, and coordinating an agency's Direct Support Person (DSP) and/or Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional (QIDP) training programs.

The Course Coordinator ensures the agency training program:

  • complies with all Department requirements
  • assures required documentation is retained 
  • assures effective linkages with the Department are maintained.

The Course Coordinator is not required to be an instructor. The QIDP Course Coordinator, however, must be a QIDP listed on the statewide QIDP database.

This training will assist Course Coordinators to understand DSP and QIDP training requirements.  You must attend if assigned to coordinate the agency's training programs. The training prepares Course Coordinators and instructors to conduct the approved DSP training program and/or 40-hour QIDP training program.  QIDPs may apply this training towards their annual 12 hours of continuing education requirement.

Attending this training does not automatically qualify persons to be a DSP or QIDP instructor.  Instructors must be approved (see Checklist I (pdf) and/or Checklist D (pdf) guidelines).

Required Courses