Summary of Implementation Study Findings

The implementation studies report that the development and initial implementation of Redeploy Illinois programs in each of the five Phase II sites was consistent with the mandates and purposes of the Redeploy Illinois legislation, and also consistent with the program plans and proposals submitted by each site. The greatest implementation difficulty reported concerned delays in State payments to counties for expenses incurred with their Redeploy Illinois programs.

The emerging youth profiles are consistent with the goals of Redeploy Illinois - the Phase II programs identify medium to high risk youth for participation in Redeploy Illinois (relying on the YASI assessment protocol and other information), and many of the youth accepted into Redeploy Illinois programs have prior delinquency adjudications and arrests for offenses that make them eligible for commitment to IDJJ. The implementation studies also identified program strengths at each site, and areas for possible improvement.

These two areas are summarized as follows, drawing from the implementation studies: