Redeploy Illinois: Phase II

The Illinois legislature approved additional funds for Redeploy Illinois in Fiscal Year 2009, recognizing the successes outlined in this report. In response, the Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board provided funding to five additional Redeploy Illinois program sites, selecting them based on the results of a series of planning grants awarded in the previous year. These sites include: the 4th Judicial Circuit (Montgomery, Christian, and Marion Counties), and Kankakee, Lee, Madison, and McLean Counties. The program elements identified in the Phase II sites are listed above (see "The Redeploy Illinois Program Sites"). The Oversight Board also funded implementation studies in each of these new sites. This section reviews the results of those studies.

The implementation studies followed similar formats and similar data collection methodologies, and sought to address the same set of research questions and implementation issues, including (but not limited to):

  • What programs, processes, and procedures have been put in place?
  • What planning and preparation activities were conducted?
  • To what extent does the program implemented meet the requirements of the Redeploy Illinois statute?
  • How does the emerging profile of youth in these new programs compare with the goals of the Redeploy Illinois legislation and the specific site proposals for use of Redeploy Illinois funds?
  • Are there any recommendations that would help the site, or that the Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board should consider as ways to insure successful program implementation?