Cost Efficiencies

The most recent data available indicate that the per capita cost for a 12-month juvenile commitment to IDJJ is $70,827, according to information provided by IDJJ. IDJJ also reports that the average length of stay in IDJJ for a delinquency commitment is 8.8 months, and the average length of stay for a court evaluation commitment is 3.5 months. Applying these length of stay estimates to the annual cost of an IDJJ commitment reveals that the State of Illinois spends approximately $51,940 for each delinquency commitment, and $20,658 for each court evaluation commitment.7 Current estimates suggest that, depending on several factors regarding the intensity of local treatment services, the per capita cost for treating a youth locally under Redeploy Illinois ranges from $3,000 to $10,000.

The Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board recognizes the need for a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis that compares the true costs of incarceration to the true costs for locally-based treatment. Even so, the Oversight Board is confident that the cost of Redeploy Illinois is significantly lower than the cost of incarceration in IDJJ, accounting for relevant factors identified in the research literature.