Youth B

Youth B was referred to the Redeploy program after being found guilty of one count of Battery and one count of Domestic Battery. He had severe anger problems that interfered in nearly every aspect of his life including home, school, and community. After meeting with the family and Youth B, the Redeploy Illinois program staff determined that the family would benefit from participation in Multi-Systemic Therapy (MST) in order to address problematic interactions that frequently led to violence. Youth B was also to participate in individual counseling as well as anger management counseling. He was instructed to find positive outlets for recreation within the community and was placed on electronic monitoring.

Youth B participated in Redeploy Illinois services for nine months and made significant progress during that time. He and his family successfully completed MST and anger management programming. He also actively participated in individual counseling, during which he was able to address some of the issues causing his anger problems. Additionally, Youth B successfully completed the electronic monitoring requirements and actively participated in monthly Open Gym Nights hosted by the county's youth faith-based program.

At the time of his discharge from the Redeploy Illinois program, the family reported a great deal of improvement in family relationships. There were significantly fewer verbal altercations and no more physical altercations. Youth B's progress in school was noteworthy as well. He completed the school year with all passing grades and a reduction in behavioral infractions. He continues to do well since his completion of the program.