Youth A

On January 11, 2007, Redeploy Illinois accepted a referral of an African American male convicted of hitting a teacher. Youth A cooperated with the initial YASI evaluation at the probation office. His YASI and psychosocial assessments yielded the following information: medium to high risk characteristics overall, with high risk in aggression and violence. All protective factors were assessed as low, and the diagnosis was Oppositional Defiant, substance abuse (cannabis).

Youth A did not have any positive male figures in his life and demonstrated difficulty taking directions from male figures, especially in school. His family consists of two sisters, his mother, and the father of the youngest sister's baby - another Redeploy Illinois client. His mother works hard and the children respect her. Initially Youth A did not listen well to his mother. The Redeploy Illinois staff worked with her and the youth, and they made some progress on their communication problems. Youth A was assigned to an African American male home interventionist who has developed an outstanding relationship with him.

The mother has been open to all interventions, taking suggestions from staff and acting upon them. She was unable to attend the Parenting Project due to her work schedule but her home interventionist was able to provide all the information to her.

Youth A was involved with a violence prevention treatment group and also participates in individual counseling. He attended GED classes and progressed well. He is now 17 and has had no further arrests since enrolling in Redeploy Illinois. He had an altercation with another male youth at school who called him racial names, and Youth A controlled himself better than he had in the past. He was successfully discharged, with both a discharge and relapse plan in place.