Peoria County

The Peoria County Redeploy Illinois program is a collaborative partnership between Peoria County Court Services and Children's Home Association of Illinois. The program serves youth on probation who are at greatest risk of being sent to IDJJ for a court evaluation as well as youth who are at risk of being sent to IDJJ for a full commitment.

A staff member from the Children's Home Association conducts a thorough assessment on each youth participating in the Redeploy Illinois program to obtain the information that will assist in developing an individualized service plan for the youth and his/her family. The staff member then collaborates with Peoria County probation staff who work directly with delinquent youth and their families to provide the identified services or link them to resources within the community.

Once the referral to the program has been made and the assessment completed, program staff provide the following services:

  • A minimum of three contacts per week with the youth. These three contacts consist of counseling, skill building, collateral contact, curfew checks, and/or staffings with the Probation Officer.
  • Transportation for the youth to and from court hearings, meetings with Probation Officers, treatment sessions/meetings, or other related appointments/meetings.
  • Linkage to community resources.
  • Aggression Replacement Training group counseling sessions.