Map of Redeploy Illinois Sites

Redeploy Illinois Service Area Map

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Redeploy of Illinois
Fiscal Year 2010
Service Area Map

Providers and Counties Served

Source: FY10 Redeploy IL Program Plan

The Redeploy IL Providers are shown on the map with a star, they are locate at and what counties they serve:

  • Lee County (region 2)
    • Serves: Lee County
  • Kankakee County (region 2)
    • Serves: Kankakee County
  • Peoria County (region 3)
    • Serves: Peoria County
  • McLean County (region 3) 
    • Serves: McLean County
  • Macon County (region 4)
    • Serves: Macon County
  • Montgomery County (region 4)
    • Serves:
      Christian County,
      Montgomery County,
      Clinton County,
      Fayette County,
      Marion County
  • Jefferson County (region 5)
    • Serves:
      Crawford County,
      Edwards County,
      Franklin County,
      Gallatin County,
      Hardin County,
      Hamilton County,
      Jefferson County,
      Lawrence County,
      Richland County,
      Wabash County,
      Wayne County,
      White County
  • Madison County (region 5)
    • Serves: Madison County
  • St. Clair County (region 5)
    • Serves: St. Clair County

Redeploy Illinois Map
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