Staff Qualification and Training Requirements

Direct Support Persons

Agency staff that spend more than 20% of their time providing direct support to people with developmental disabilities must meet certain qualifications and complete a DHS-approved Direct Support Person (DSP) training program. 

Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professionals

Agency staff that seek to function as a Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP) in the Illinois developmental disabilities service system must meet the federal and state requirements for education and experience. QIDP credentials must be reviewed by the DHS Division of Developmental Disabilities.  If credentials qualify as a QIDP, the name is added to the state QIDP-Eligible database. QIDPs must then complete a DHS-approved QIDP training program.

Note:  ICFs/DD are not required to add their QIDPs to the state QIDP-Eligible database or provide 40 hours of state-approved QIDP training.