Home Based Services - Transportation, Non-Medical

What is it?

Non-Medical transportation includes services for individuals in the DHS Division of Developmental Disabilities, Adult Home-Based Services (HBS) program. The Home-Based Service (HBS) program is one option available to children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities that have been approved to receive DD Medicaid waiver services. The HBS program provides individuals with a monthly allotment they can use to purchase needed services and supports that allow a person to continue to live in the family residence or a live in their own home in the community.  Transportation services may be purchased from the monthly allotment for the individual to gain access to waiver and community services, activities and resources as specified by the Personal Plan.

How do I enroll my transportation company?

Contact HFS Provider Enrollment Services at 217-782-5565 or 888-618-8078 for assistance with enrolling as a non-emergency transportation service provider. 

How do I enroll to use my privately owned vehicle to provide transportation? 

Please contact ACES$ Financial Manager Services for enrollment instructions and assistances.

Phone:  1-877-223-7781

Fax:  1-217-528-9849

Email:  SupportIL@mycil.org

How can I add HBS Transportation Services to my company's enrollment for Self-Direction Assistance or Personal Support-Agency Based services:

  1. Login to the IMPACT Provider Enrollment System using the User ID and Password created for your personal IMPACT account. 
  2. Use the IMPACT Enrollment Modification Request PowerPoint Presentation found on the IMPACT Presentations and Materials page on the HFS website to complete this step. 
    1. Add the specialty:  Transportation; Private Auto; No subspecialty.
    2. Add License/Certification/Other:  Enter the required driver's license, vehicle identification numbers, vehicle registration and vehicle insurance
  3. Email DHS.DDDMedProv@illinois.gov to notify DHS, DDD Provider Enrollment that the IMPACT modification request has been submitted for State Review. 
  4. You will receive an email notification from IMPACT when the application has been approved.
  5. You are required to submit an IMPACT Modification Request when a driver's license, vehicle registrations or motor vehicle insurance policy has expired.  Please follow-up with any IMPACT email notifications that you receive notifying you that the information on your application needs to be updated.