Behavior Services

What is it? 

Behavior Services include behavior intervention and treatment, behavior counseling (individual and group) and psychotherapy (individual and group).  These services must be:

  • Based on behavior assessments documenting the ongoing need for the service.
  • Included in the individualized service plan.
  • Must receive written approval from the Service Planning Team.

How Do I Become A Provider? 

  1. Behavior Intervention Services - Level 1

    1. Board Certified Behavior Analyst
    2. Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  2. Behavior Intervention Services - Level 2

    1. Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst 
    2. Behavior Therapist
    3. Certified Relationship Development Interventionist
    4. Early Intervention Specialist  (children and young adults only)
  3. Counseling - Individual or Group
  4. Psychotherapy - Individual or Group
  5. Counseling Services for Unpaid Care Givers

Important Resources For Program Requirements