Adult Day Care

What is Adult Day Care?

Adult Day Care is a program available to persons aged 60 and older to provide health and social services in a community-based setting.  Services are generally furnished on a regular basis for four or more hours per day, one or more days per week. 

This program may be available to individuals who are not yet 60, if the service planning team deems day habilitation or employment services to be inappropriate because the individual is medically fragile.

Transportation between the participant's home and the adult day care center is provided and included in the rate paid to providers of adult day care.

What are the enrollment requirements?

Adult Day Care providers are certified by the Department on Aging.  DHS, Division of Developmental Disabilities covers this services for persons enrolled in the Adult Developmental Disabilities Medicaid Waiver program. 

If you are interested in becoming a certified Adult Day Care provider, please contact the Department on Aging for information on the certification process

How Do I Become A Provider?

  1. Submit the required provider enrollment documents to DDD Provider Enrollment:
    • Illinois Department of Human Services
      Division of Developmental Disabilities
      600 East Ash, Building 400, Mail Stop 3S
      Springfield, IL 6270
      Attention: Provider Enrollment
      • Documentation to verify that you have a current contract with Department on Aging for Adult Day Care. 
  2. Submit an IMPACT Provider Enrollment Modification request and associate to the DHS-DDD MCO plan and DDD Billing Provider. Please use the Enrollment Modification PowerPoint presentation found on the Presentations and Materials | HFS (  page on the HFS website to complete this step. 
    1. Associate Billing Agent:  DD Billing Agent ID - 7094638
  3. Email to notify DDD Provider Enrollment that you your have submitted the IMPACT modification request and it is ready for State review.
  4. Review the information available about Using ROCS and contact the ROCS helpdesk for Technical Support.