Self Direction Assistance, Home-Based Services

What is it?

The Home-Based Service (HBS) program is one option available to children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities through the Medicaid Waiver program. The HBS program provides individuals with a monthly allotment they can use to purchase needed services and supports that allow a person to continue to live in the family residence or in their own home in the community.

Individuals may opt to purchase Self Direction Assistance to assist the individual and the family to independently direct and manage self-directed services.  This service does not include case management services.  Case management is solely the responsibility of Individual Service Coordination Agencies (ISC).  The following link distinguishes the duties between the ISC and the SDA: ISC/SF Job Duties.

SDA providers will provide skills training to enable families and participants to independently direct and manage self-directed services. They provide information and assistance in recruiting, hiring, communicating with, and managing Personal Support Workers. They provide assistance with budgeting and funding allocation management. They provide training and assistance with completion of timekeeping and other employer-related tasks required to interface with the Fiscal Management Agency. 

Beginning November 1st, 2017, SDAs will be required to complete an Implementation Strategy for individuals that choose to purchase SDA and will have a Personal Plan due November 1st or later.  Within the Implementation Strategy, the SDA must provide a clear description of the supports the SDA will provide to the individual/family.

How Do I Become A Provider?

  1. You Must Be in Compliance With:

    1. You must be an agency that meets the Department of Human Services (DHS) contractual requirements as outlined in the Developmental Disabilities CSA Attachment A.
    2. You cannot also provide Individual Service and Support Advocacy (ISSA) services.
    3. Rule 50.
    4. Before serving individuals as a Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP), staff must first submit QIDP Job & Educational Requirements Checklist A for approval by the Division of Developmental Disabilities and to add the person to the state QIDP database.  Submit to:

      Department of Human Services
      Division of Developmental Disabilities
      Bureau of Quality Management
      600 East Ash, Building 400, 2nd Floor
      Springfield, IL 62703

      Attention:  QIDP Credential Review

    5. You must have staff that meet QIDP Qualification Review and Training Requirements
  2. Determine if your agency should obtain a National Provider Identification Number (NPI).

    • Self Direction Assistance is currently not a service that requires a NPI.  However, if your agency is enrolling to provide other waiver services that requires an NPI or if the agency plans on providing services in the future that require a NPI, it is advised that you obtain one.  Currently the only DD waiver service providers that are require an NPI are CILAs, Child Group Homes, Community Living Facilities and Developmental Training providers.  Please see the National Provider Identification Number website to apply for an NPI.
  3. You must submit the following documents to Provider Enrollment

    Department of Human Services
    Division of Developmental Disabilities
    600 East Ash, Building 400, Mail Stop 2 South
    Springfield, IL 62703 Fax:  217-557-7251

    Attention:  Provider Enrollment

  4. You must submit an IMPACT provider enrollment application to enroll as a Medicaid Waiver provider.

    • All users to the IMPACT system must have a Single Sign-On ID to access the provider enrollment system.  Once the User has been granted access to the provider enrollment system, the user may begin the provider enrollment application for your agency. 
    • The first step in the provider enrollment application is selecting the agency's enrollment type.  The enrollment type is based on whether or not your agency is choosing to enroll with a National Provider Identifier. Agencies enrolling with an NPI will select the enrollment type Facility, Agency, Organization (FAO).  Agencies enrolling without an NPI will select the enrollment type Atypical Agency. Please use the PowerPoint presentations available on the DDD IMPACT Provider page  to walk you through each step of the applications.
    • The application must include the following information:
      • Step 3, Add Specialty:  Social Services; Case Management; No Subspecialty
      • Step 6, Associate Billing Agent:  Billing Agent ID number 7094638; Billing Agent Name:  DDD Billing Agent
      • Step 9, Associate MCO Plan:  MCO Plan ID number 3000006; Plan Name:  DDD MCO
    • After submitting the IMPACT application, please email Provider Enrollment the IMPACT application ID to ensure that the application is reviewed by a DDD Provider Enrollment Specialist.
  5. You Must Submit QIDP Training Programs for Approval to: