For Providers - Recovery Support Services

How choice works in RSS

RSS is designed to provide choice to clients wishing to participate in clinical treatment and recovery support services.  Clients that meet criteria for RSS are given a needs assessment at enrollment.  Clients are then allowed to choose which agency they would like to attend based upon the need for services.

Each provider creates a profile for their agency which becomes part of the RSS profile book.  Clients are allowed to view all of the profiles available for all RSS agencies in their service area during the enrollment and referral process.

How vouchers work in RSS

After a client selects an agency of their choice, the client is given a voucher, which is created electronically, in order to redeem services.  Services are added to the voucher, and each service has a cap on the number of sessions or usages which can be redeemed by the agency.  Each voucher lasts for 90 days, and the client can redeem services up to the service cap or up to 90 days, whichever comes first.