WAG 13-02-03-b School Employees

revised text

School Employees

Following are examples of budgeting earnings of a school employee whose earnings are not required to be annualized (e.g., bus driver, cafeteria worker) during the summer. See PM 08-04-01-a for school employees whose earnings are required to be annualized (e.g., teachers).

Example 1: Ms. A filed an initial SNAP application June 14. She works in the cafeteria at the local high school. She is paid by the hour and pay is received weekly. She received 2 pays in fiscal June and does not expect any additional income until September. She expects to receive a full month's pay in September.

Budget 2 pays when determining eligibility and benefit level for June fiscal month. Budget $0 for July and August and set a control to budget a full month's pay for September fiscal month. revised textDetermine September's income using a converted monthly amount (weekly pay times 4.3), see PM 13-02-04.

Example 2: Mr. B receives SNAP as a category 08. He reported on his Form 4765 completed May 31 that his earnings as a bus driver would end in June. He expects to return to work when school begins in September. He is paid every other week and expects to receive one pay in September and 2 in October.

Budget $0 for July and August. Budget one pay for September. revised textBudget a full-month's pay for October converting to a monthly amount (biweekly pay times 2.15), see PM 13-02-04. No change is made for June fiscal month because a change reported on Form 4765 is made starting the first fiscal month of the new approval period.