WAG 13-02-05 Determining Eligibility and Benefit Amount

PM 13-02-05

Determine the initial month's benefit as follows:

  1. revised textDetermine net monthly income for the entire fiscal month of application. 
    • NOTE: If the customer did not provide the proof of the income received in the  fiscal month of application, ask the customer to tell you about the missing amount(s). Document their response in the case record. If you question their response, request proof. 
  2. Convert the net income to a monthly amount. Include any periodic extra checks when determining the converted monthly amount for both eligibility and benefit amount. For example, Ms A anticipates 5 checks for the payment month. Add the 5 checks, divide by 5, and multiply by 4.3.
  3. Determine the full monthly benefit for the fiscal month of application. See WAG 25-03-09 for the Basis of Issuance Tables.
  4. Count the number of days from the first day of the fiscal month of application through and including the date of application. Day one is the first day of the fiscal month. The application date is the last day. deleted text
  5. Prorate benefits for the month of application based on the monthly benefit amount and the number of days that have passed in the fiscal month of application, including the day of application.

Assign the initial benefit amount from the Prorated Benefit for the Initial Month Chart (see WAG 25-03-08). For units of 10 or more persons and a monthly benefit amount of more than $977, use the Proration Chart For SNAP units of 10 or More Persons (see WAG 25-03-08-a).

NOTE: A prorated amount of less than $10 is not issued, regardless of unit size.

Example: Ms. G's fiscal month is 10/16 through 11/15. She files an application on 10/21, the 6th day of the October fiscal month. The full monthly benefit is $364. The prorated amount for $364 with 6 days having passed in the fiscal month is $303. Ms. G is eligible for a $303 benefit for the fiscal month of application.

When a unit is net income eligible for the fiscal month of application, but does not qualify for benefits due to prorating, take the following actions:

Approve the application using TA 11/TAR 07, Approval-No Mercury Issuance.

Authorize benefits for the following month using TA 56/TAR 06, Second Month of Issuance.

See WAG 25-08-04 for instructions on completing Form 552 for the approval of SNAP.