Peer Recovery Support Services

Historically, IDHS/SUPR supported recovery support services through a federal discretionary grant called 'Access to Recovery'. Over the years, this has grown to include other small pilots to provide recovery support services. IDHS/SUPR continues to build upon this infrastructure in order to sustain and build these service offerings within the ROSC.

Like the original Access to Recovery (ATR) program in Illinois, and the subsequent ATR-II, III, and IV, the Peer Recovery Support Service providers will provide client choice among peer recovery support service providers, as well as to expand access to a comprehensive array of peer recovery support options, including referrals to Recovery Community Organizations (RCO's) and other peer recovery support service providers.

PRSS Providers

  • Brighter Behavior Choices Inc.
  • Campaign for a Drug Free Westside
  • Education Design Development and Research Corp.
  • Ford Heights Community Services
  • Governor's State University
  • Kalimba House
  • Kates Detective and Security Academy
  • Lights of Zion Ministries
  • N' The Spirit Transformational Living
  • Reassemble Education & Training
  • Refuge Recovery Corporation
  • Transforming, Education & Empowering Children and Humanity
  • Transitional Training Services, Inc.
  • Triumph Seminars
  • University of Illinois Chicago/Community Outreach Intervention Project
  • CRCC (RCO)