Customer Service

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How do I sign up for an Illinois Debit MasterCard?

    Please visit the Illinois Debit MasterCard Sign-up page to download the form.

  2. Who do I contact if a card was not received, lost or stolen?

    Call the ACS Call Center at 1-866-338-2944.

  3. My personal information is incorrect when I call the Debit Card System. How do I correct that?

    If you are a Personal Assistant, contact the DRS Office handling your client.

    If you are a Child Care Provider, contact your local CCR&R.

  4. I still have questions.  Can I get more help?

    Sure.  Read the Illinois Debit MasterCard FAQs.

ACS Call Center

Call the ACS Call Center at 1-866-338-2944, if you have questions about the following:

  • A Lost or Stolen Debit Card
  • Debit Card Transactions
  • Deposit Confirmations
  • Deposit Disputes
  • EPPICard Website Questions
  • Monthly Statements

DHS Provider Help Line

Call the DHS Provider Help Line at 1-800-804-3833, if you have questions about the following:

  • The amount of payment for a specific month
  • The status of payments (entered, approved, issued)
  • The date the Illinois Office of the Comptroller issued the payment. Please be aware that the Bank has up to two working days to post payments to your card from the time the Comptroller issues the payment.
  • Other questions