Getting Started

Sign-up for the Illinois Debit MasterCard®

If you are a licensed or licensed-exempt Child Care Provider or a Division of Rehabilitation Services Personal Assistants, you can Sign-up now for the Illinois Debit MasterCard®. 

Receiving Payments

Your payments will be deposited to your Illinois Debit MasterCard® account. You won't have to wait for your check in the mail.

PIN Selection/Activating your Card

Before you can use your card, you must activate your Illinois Debit MasterCard, by selecting a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Making Purchases

When you use your card to make a purchase, the purchase price will be deducted from your account. There is no ATM fees for purchases at stores. You may not spend more than the amount of the funds posted to your account.

How to Get Cash Back

You can request cash back above the amount of your purchase at stores who offer this benefit. Enter the cash amount on the keypad or tell the cashier the amount of cash you need.

How to Get Cash from a Teller in a Bank or Credit Union

  • Hand your card to the teller in a bank displaying the MasterCard Acceptance Mark
  • Tell them how much cash you want
  • You may be asked to sign a receipt
  • There is no fee to get cash from a teller

Hot to Get Cash at an ATM

  • Insert the debit card and enter your PIN
  • Press either the checking or savings button on the ATM
  • Select "Cash Withdrawal."
  • Enter the amount of cash you want and press "Enter."