2009 March 11 - DMC Sub-Committee Meeting

Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission

March 11, 2009
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
IL Dept. of Public Health, Penta Building, Springfield

Call to Order - Rev. Charles Collins, Chair

The meeting was called to order at 10:57 AM. 

Roll Call

Commissioners: Wayne Straza, Eugene Griffin, Andrew Jones, George Hill, Reverend Collins. Quorum declared present.

Staff: Mary O'Brien, Julie Stremlau, Deborah McCarrel, Karrie Rueter, Miguel Millett.  

Approval of Minutes

Eugene Griffin made a motion to approve the minutes.  Wayne Straza seconded the motion.  All in favor, minutes approved.

Title II-Formula - DMC 3-Year Plan Discussion

Karrie Rueter gave an overview of the DMC section of the plan.  The statewide data is from 2005.  Also, the number of counties greater than 1% African American population is almost double what we recorded three years ago.  This is spelled out in more detail in the ICJIA report.  This will assist the Committee in deciding and strategizing on projects that will have the most impact.  Andrew Jones asked if there was a section for the multi-racial population.  This information comes from ICJIA and came from multiple sources.  Miguel Millett responded that it is covered in the "other" or "mixed race" category.

Miguel Millett talked about the major change in Illinois since the last 3-Year Plan was submitted.  There have been dramatic changes in education, population and the economy in Illinois.  The population has changed significantly.  DMC plans to use advocacy, education, technical assistance and prevention.

There is a task force that addresses laws affecting minorities.  This group will submit reports to the Governor.  They will make specific recommendations in their reports concerning DMC.

Current DMC sites will continue to be supported with gradual changes in funding and then sustainability.  DMC site replication has begun in other areas.  It is recommended to analyze the results of the DMC survey as an aspect of the DMC plan.  A formal evaluation of DMC statewide is needed.  OJJDP does not require this but they would like the data.

Eugene Griffin asked about the survey and if that route could or should be explored.  DMC needs to continue with the current survey information gathered.  The survey was not a great success but there is still information and data to be utilized.  Wayne Straza commented that the survey was unacceptable coming from the University of Chicago.  If we move ahead there will be changes to the survey.  It is also recommended that no transfer of rights take place and we limit our use of Dr. Butts.

Miguel stated that he spoke with Dr. Butts and the report is almost complete.  Karrie Rueter explained the budget amounts might change.  DMC is updated every year, so if there are major problems with the plan, it can be changed.

Rev. Collins requested a motion for approval.  Eugene Griffin motioned to approve the DMC section of the 3-Year Plan.  Andrew Jones seconded the motion.  All in favor, approved.

DMC Summit Request - Update

Reverend Collins made many comments on the Summit and why it is a good idea.  Karrie Rueter added that the Commission approved going forward with the Summit but were interested in the amount needed and specific dates, etc. for the Summit.  The Committee learned that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder could be a speaker at the Summit.  William Davis was also mentioned as another speaker.  It was recommended that this funding be separate from other DMC initiatives.  Wayne Straza suggested the amount of up to $10,000 for the Summit.  This money can be used elsewhere for the Summit if there are issues that arise with the Summit, such as speaker availability, etc.  Karrie Rueter stated that someone should report the budgetary expenses to her.  Rev. Collins motioned to approve up to $10,000 for the Summit.  Eugene Griffin seconded.  All in favor, motion approved.

Evaluation Discussion/Plan (Chapin Hall)

This was also covered in Mr. Millet's overall summary of programming and the 3-Year Plan.

DMC Policy Impact Discussion

Miguel Millett covered this information in his overall report on statewide policies in the 3-Year Plan overview.

DMC Data Discussion

Data was also covered in the 3-Year Plan overview.  The overall plan presented by Models for Change is a uniform plan for data that incorporates federal mandates.  It has to be adapted so the sites can do RRI and other data as necessary.  However, there are some issues.  Data is available but the grant sites are not cooperating as they should be.  These issues are being addressed.

Site Updates

St. Clair County is still having issues.  There is a new coordinator but he will not be full time.  A meeting is still recommended to deal with these issues.  Peoria has data DMC needs to complete the DMC information but are not cooperating.  The Committee recommended holding their payment until the data is submitted.  Mr. Millett and Reverend Collins will follow up on the site issues.

New Business / Other

No new business.


Vice Chairman Straza moved to adjourn the meeting and Gene Griffin seconded.  Meeting adjourned 12:41 PM.