September 9, 2009 Planning & Grants Sub-Committee Meeting

Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission

September 9, 2009
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Hotel Orrington
Evanston, IL

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 11:55 AM. 

Roll Call

Patricia Connell (Chair); Wayne Straza, Gene Griffin, George Hill and Gary Leofanti.  Quorum declared present. Commissioners also in attendance: Pamela Rodriguez, Rodney Ahitow, and Reverend Charles Collins.

Staff: Karrie Rueter, Ron Smith, Julie Stremlau, Deb McCarrel, Mary O'Brien.

Approval of Minutes

Vice Chair Straza moved to approve the minutes, Pamela Rodriguez seconded the motion.  All in favor, minutes approved.

Fiscal Update

Karrie Rueter was asked to give the detailed report to the full Commission, however, she indicated that the report was not yet finalized based on FY09 expenditures.

Program Compliance Update

Ron Smith was asked to give the detailed compliance report in the full Commission meeting.

Truancy Update

No Truancy update was provided due to time constraints.

Transportation Update

No transportation update was requested due to time constraints.

Access to Counsel Update

Due to time constraints, John Hayes presented his report to the full Commission.

DMC Spending Requests

DMC has an RFP process in place to address the continued issues of families in crisis and access to technical assistance from child protection organizations.  Title V may possibly be used for funding of the coordination and collaboration of this issue.  If the actual RFP process is in place, Karrie Rueter asks that we come back to the Executive Committee to discuss this, as we will need to finalize at the next Commission meeting.  George Hill motioned to approve funding, with the stipulation that the Executive Committee has final authorization. Vice Chair Straza seconded.  No opposition.  Motion approved.

JDAI Spending Requests

Barb Shipp, Chairperson of the JDAI Partners Group reported that the JDAI information is up to date and that the Partners have been notified by the Casey Foundation of the continuation of the $25,000 funding award to Illinois in FY10.  Given that it was anticipated that funding for Judge Payne in FY10 would be picked up entirely by Redeploy Illinois Funds, Barb asked the Commission to consider allocating the JDAI portion of Judge Payne's salary - $65,000 - to the work of the Partners Group.  Chair Leofanti indicated that this amount was budgeted to JDAI and that it should remain. 

Pat Connell added that Mike Rohan, Director of Probation and Court Services in Cook County and member of the JDAI Partners Group, will participate in a meeting to map the JDAI Initiative for the next year.  A planning meeting that will include Pat, Mike, Barb, Frank Morelli (President of IPCSA), and Barry Bass (JDAI Consultant).  This group will be making recommendations as to the format and frequency of meetings of the new JDAI Committee to replace the Partner's Group, and it is expected that the Committee will have met several times before the next full Commission meeting.  Patricia Connell added that Barb has done an excellent job the past couple of years working to sustain the JDAI initiative under the support of the Partners' Group.

Title V Grant Revisions

The Truancy Review Board (TRB) had minimal funding of Title V of $70,000 to $75,000.  There is the option of using the Gender Specific Study to target specific counties for programming.  Lindsay Bostwick has a list of the programs that exist in Illinois and across the country that could be modeled.  Patricia Connell recommended we target women and counties with one or more of the behaviors indicated.  For instance, a domestic battery focus and what impact did targeting this offense have.  Lindsay will give the Commission the high percent offenses and they will determine the next step.

George Hill commented that there is a problem with the current RFP process through DHS.  He stated the system has too many hoops to jump through and takes far too long and we are losing money as a result.  He asked what the Commission could do to correct this process.

Karrie Rueter responded that the process is getting better but the road blocks are not DHS.  The CMS procurement code, grants for services, and past practices are no longer considered. There are procurement code rules on fees for service and comparative bids. CMS are more accountable with the state government and they are pushing these rules and regulations.  Some are necessary and some not.  The Commission can fund someone to do an RFP, as they no longer have sufficient staff to do so.  Patricia Connell suggested the Commission have further conversations on the issue and determine what to recommend in resolving this issue.

Title II Formula SFY2010 Expenditures

Deb McCarrel commented that there are currently 17 providers funded under the Youth Services Medicaid Pilot (YSMP) as one dropped.  There are two additional providers that are participating without startup funding.  Claiming will be processed through the Department of Mental Health Collaborative at a cost to Community Health and Prevention of approximately $70,000 for initial programming of the claiming system.  Claiming for mental health services will be for targeted Youth Services programs and verified in the eCornersone data system.  The agencies participating were original members of the JJ Mental Health Initiative.  The YSMP was initially targeted for only CCBYS providers but it was found that not all providers in the original JJ Mental Health Initiative were CCBYS providers.  Therefore, the YSMP was extended to those appropriate Youth Services programs. CHP staff continues to work collaboratively with DMH staff to implement this pilot.  The start up money consists of GRF and Federal JJ funding.  The federal funding portion was targeted to be used for those children that are not eligible for Medicaid and need mental health services.

There are three providers in the YSMP that do not have a viable Youth Services Program.  Patricia Connell stated that the Commission could allow the three providers to use the federal portion for start-up money.  The Committee was asked if they approved of giving the agencies start-up money or if those funds should stay allocated to non-Medicaid youth.  Barb Shipp commented that money for start-up for services to Medicaid eligible kids seems wrong as the non-Medicaid kids are the most vulnerable in this economy.  Pamela Rodriguez agreed. Patricia Connell asked for a motion to vote.  No motion was made.  The Committee could not agree to fund start-up money for these three providers.

2009 Annual Report Update

Will be discussed in the full Commission meeting due to time constraints.

SB1725 Report Update

The due date for the SB1725 report has been extended to 2010.  The Committee has reviewed the technical violators across the state for the month of May.  The information collected included: Demographics, offenses, release dates, returned dates, original offenses, services requested for the parolee, services actually completed and sanctions imposed.  The Committee members will meet with Jo Durkee, Bureau Chief of the Bureau of Performance Support Services, to discuss compilation of the data.  Commissioners will now have further time to attend the PRB revocation hearing and review the process.  The Commissioners will observe and make recommendations as to what is needed in terms of questions and recommendations for the SB1725 final report.

Rod Ahitow asked about the annual certification for Hearing waivers.  He asked what questions the committee was looking to have answered.  Do they want comments on the hearings?  Are we to look at rights violations in the initial orders from the Parole Review Board (PRB).  Is the Commission going to suggest recommendations or updates to the PRB?  Can we request an update of the Standard Order of Conditions?  One of the areas the ad hoc committee felt strongly about was to review the percentage of successful use of electronic monitoring (EM).  The committee's initial reviews of the use of EM were not favorable.  Patricia Connell stated the Commissioners would have October and early November to review the PRB hearings.  Gary Leofanti asked about aftercare for the parolees.  Patricia Connell responded that Aftercare exists but there is difficulty in accessing services.

Other Business

Ron Smith introduced Dick Walsh to the committee.  He will be assisting Ron with Compliance Monitoring.


Rod Ahitow motioned to adjourn, Pam Rodriguez seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 1:15 PM.