Construction Skills Mastery

In the early nineties YouthBuild USA created a standard list of construction skills to be mastered and published it in 1998 in the appendix to the HUD handbook Youthbuild Construction Training at a Youthbuild Program. More recently, many programs have adopted either the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) or the Home Building Institute (HBI) curricula and industry-recognized certifications. In addition, recognized certifications for occupational safety, first aid, hazardous materials, and other topics have been achieved.

With the federal government's recent emphasis on industry-recognized certifications, the Affiliated Network has adopted a new required action, 2H, which calls for offering such certifications. No specific target has yet been set for the number of certifications desirable per student or the percent of students who must achieve any particular certification. This will be done based on experience over the next few years.