Educational (Literacy and Numeracy) Gains

To meet the satisfactory level, 80 percent of all completers who entered at a test level of tenth grade or below, including those who get their GEDs or high school diplomas, will raise their levels of the adult literacy/numeracy test by two years. This will be the achievement level against which programs applying for affiliate membership or accreditation will be measured. YouthBuild USA staff will collect the data and, after a reasonable amount of data is collected, will work with the YouthBuild USA Affiliated Network Policy Council to establish a full scale for literacy and numeracy achievement, ranging from "excellent" to "unacceptable" based on what successful YouthBuild programs are able to achieve.

Each program will determine the best test for its students, although most programs have found that the Test for Adult Basic Education (TABE) matches their needs better than other available tests. Local program staff will report scores on each student through AffNet's WebSTA.